For the Cadillac lover ! A gift to hang on a wall !
Badass Cadillac Wall Hanger

Badass Cadillac Wall Hanger

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These "Badass" and beautiful wall tags have been handcrafted at a small family owned studio in Northern Nevada. Fired from bone colored porcelain with lettering in a black underglaze. These high quality tags are finished off with a clear glaze finish and a sturdy piece of hemp string.

Dimensions are 2 1/4" (2.72 cm) width x 3 3/4" (9.53 cm) height x 1/8" (. 3175 cm) thick.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind with a lot of character and slight imperfections, made by hand with a lot of time and love.

These tags make great gifts for the Cadillac lover in your life! If you’re getting them for yourself, they make great wall hangers for your kitchen, den or man cave! Hell, you can even dangle one from the rear view mirror of your very own "Badass Cadillac" if you please!

Priced at only $14.96 each plus shipping, we have plenty in stock and they're ready to go!

Remember... "Not the fastest or the slowest... but the longest and the lowest... Badass Cadillacs forever!"